Student Run

RVF is UNLV’s venture capital (VC) fund that makes equity investments in private high-growth companies throughout Las Vegas and Southern Nevada. The fund invests in startups at every stage and provides knowledge, resources, and support to the growing tech and small business community here in Nevada. Unlike other university VC funds, the RVF is entirely student led and run. Students work closely with entrepreneurs and leaders in the business community to conduct screenings, due diligence, investments, negotiations, and close deals.

Real World Experience

Founded in 2013, utilizing a founding gift from Jeff Moskow of $500,000, the Rebel Venture Fund (RVF) provides experiential learning opportunities for UNLV students through participation in real world venture capital funding.

Students get first hand experience working with seasoned VCs, entrepreneurs, investors, and professionals in the business and tech community.


RVF draws its membership from graduate and undergraduate students who work closely with the RVF management board, which consists of local venture capitalists, angel investors, attorneys, entrepreneurs and business executives, who help to oversee the investment process. In addition to having strong ties and relationships with business leaders, investors, and professionals in the community, RVF is supported by the UNLV Center for Entrepreneurship.


Las Vegas has undergone lots of change in recent years, especially in the entrepreneurship, technology and small business communities. RVF’s goal is to support this growing community, help better connect the many resources in Nevada, and help it flourish and become a tech and entrepreneurship hub.

RVF is committed to helping develop the community around us and make UNLV the center of this development.