The Rebel Venture Fund will typically make investments of between $20,000 and $50,000, although larger investments may also be considered. Funding will be in exchange for equity positions within the respective companies, subject always to the regulations of law and such reasonable limitations as may be imposed by the UNLV Foundation. Funding amounts will be made in consideration of the potential for additional funding rounds. The fund will seek proposals from a wide variety of sources, but will look for opportunities that meet the following criteria:

  • Location: Preferably companies located in Southern Nevada, although not limited
  • Investment Size: Typically between $10,000 and $50,000, although larger investment may be considered.
  • Industry Preference: Due to the diverse resources and expertise at our disposal, we will look at opportunities in a broad array of industries.
  • Strong Management Team: An experienced management team capable of implementing a viable business plan.
  • Feasible Business Model: Ideally a unique value proposition that if executed properly will reap first mover advantages and create barriers to entry tied to an identifiable customer market. Excellent profit potential as exhibited by solid financial data and marketing analytics.
  • Stage: Companies at all stages will be considered, including early stage companies looking for seed funding, or late stage opportunities in which the RVF will look to co-invest with institutional investors.
  • Investment Horizon and Exit Strategy: High growth opportunities with obvious, high return on investment within 5 to 7 years
  • Benefits of RVF’s Investment: Continuous support from the UNLV and Las Vegas startup & business community. Personalized connections and ongoing valuable relationships with leaders in Las Vegas. Connection to UNLV resources and student campus community.
  • What to expect from our Due Diligence Process:
    1. First, our team will conduct an initial screening on all applications made through Gust.
    2. If the company meets our initial criteria, our team will invite the company in to give a pitch/ presentation (15-30 minutes).
    3. During the pitch, our team will be asking questions and getting feedback
    4. If our team is interested, we will move into Due Diligence.
    5. During Due Diligence, a DD team from RVF will be assigned to meet with the company, get questions answered, get relevant documents/ financials, and ultimately make a recommendation should RVF like to invest.
    6. If RVF is confident in the recommendation, we will move into making a proposal and negotiations.
    7. Closing the deal!
  • Review Process Timeline: : Initial screening (1 week), Pitch (1-2 weeks), Due Diligence (2-3 weeks), Proposal/Negotiations/Closing (1-2 weeks)

If you are an entrepreneur interested in raising capital, please submit your business plan and supporting materials through Gust, linked below where you can apply by creating a profile and filling out the application.

For additional information or questions about the RVF please contact