Rebel Venture Fund (RVF) is UNLV’s one and only venture capital fund that is run by high-achieving and passionate UNLV students in conjunction with the UNLV Center for Entrepreneurship. Utilizing a founding gift from Jeff Moskow, the RVF provides experiential learning opportunities for UNLV students through participation in real world venture capital funding.  
Student members screen investment opportunities and conduct due diligence on those deemed as fundable. Essentially, the Rebel Venture Fund is UNLV’s very own “Shark Tank.” The RVF management board, which consists of local venture capitalists, angel investors, attorneys, entrepreneurs and business executives, oversees the investment process conducted by the student members.  
RVF students strive to: 

  • LEARN FROM THE BEST: Students will have the opportunity to work with experienced local professionals, investors, professors, and entrepreneurs. 
  • GAIN LEADERSHIP SKILLS: Students who have demonstrated outstanding analytical and interpersonal skills can be promoted to a managing director where they will be given the opportunity to lead a due diligence team and give a formal presentation to potential investors.  

Investment Types
The Rebel Venture Fund typically makes investments of $25,000 to $50,000, although larger investments may also be considered. Funding will be in exchange for equity positions within the respective companies, subject always to the regulations of law and such reasonable limitations as may be imposed by the UNLV Foundation. Funding amounts will be made in consideration of the potential for additional funding rounds. The fund seeks proposals from a wide variety of sources, but looks for opportunities that meet our criteria. 
Expectations of RVF Members
RVF is an intense experience and is unlike a typical MBA or undergraduate course. In addition to attending weekly meetings, you will spend considerable time working in investment teams to review proposed deals, make investment recommendations, and follow-up with existing portfolio companies. Since RVF is transaction-driven, there will be times when you and your evaluation team must work many hours on a tight deadline, including evenings and weekends. Students who fail to live up to the requirements of the fund can be removed at any time.  

What RVF Is Looking For
You do NOT need prior experience in venture capital or finance. RVF welcomes graduate and undergraduate students of all disciplines to apply for membership. We are looking for diverse backgrounds and areas of expertise, and non-business majors are all welcome to apply. Each team needs one person who understands and can critique and assemble fairly simple financial projections. Current RVF members will be aiding in the process and educational sessions will be held to educate the members on the world of venture capital.  
RVF students will produce written reports that may be read by professional venture capitalists. The quality of your written work in terms of content, clarity and ease of reading is important, so we will consider the content, clarity and ease of reading of your application. Students also have the option of earning either class or independent study credit. 
Some applicants will be invited to interviews to further explore the possibility of admitting those applicants to RVF. After those interviews are completed, final selections of RVF students will be made. You will be notified by email regarding your status in the selection process. 
Being admitted to RVF is a privilege, not an entitlement, and the selection process is not appealable. However, an individual who is not selected initially may re-apply for the next semester.

If you are interested in being a part of our team and passionate about contributing to the Las Vegas entreprenuerial and tech community, please apply below. 


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**IMPORTANT: You will not be considered for membership unless a resume is received**


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RVF MANDATORY weekly meetings are held every Friday starting at 5:30pm.

Thank you for applying!

We look forward to reviewing your application to be a part of RVF this semester. For more information, please email info@rebelventurefund.com, or stop by the Center for Entrepreneurship in BEH 316. More general details and information about how RVF works can be found on our website.
Thank you, and best of luck in your education and studies here at UNLV. We hope to meet you and have you onboard our amazing team. We hope that you will contribute to the exciting and fast growing entrepreneurial community here on our campus and in Las Vegas.