The relationship between a startup and its investors is an important one. While the relationship is engendered by a simple transaction of funds, a startup and its investors must cultivate their relationship in an effort to facilitate growth and reach jointly-held goals. It goes without saying, not every investor is a good fit for every startup, and certainly vice-versa. After all, if an entrepreneur is going to give up a portion of her precious ownership interest in her company, then she should be certain that the relationship will be a reciprocal one that will further her interests.

What To Consider:

  • Does your relationship with the investor give you access to valuable resources?

  • Will your investor allow you access to their network?

  • Is your investor interested in your product?

  • Will your investor support you when you need it?

  • Will you and your investor be able to maintain a friendly partnership?

  • Where is your investor located?

The answer to these questions is why the Rebel Venture Fund and UNLV would make great partners for entrepreneurs and their startup companies.

How the Rebel Venture Fund is Unique

Boasting a membership of 27 capable and extremely motivated students, the Rebel Venture Fund’s members are willing and able to support their portfolio companies in every way they can. RVF is unique among student-led venture capital groups in that its members hail from programs all over the university, rather than from programs solely in the business college. Backgrounds in mechanical engineering, accounting, law, marketing, and even music performance, means that the collective Rebel Venture Fund offers a diverse set of skills and perspectives to further a business in any industry.

Situated in the center of the Las Vegas valley, the Rebel Venture Fund is in close proximity to Las Vegas’ downtown community. In an effort to ensure that the Rebel Venture Fund shows its support to its portfolio and to the entrepreneurial community at large, RVF has formed an entire team within our fund dedicated to ensuring that there is an RVF representative(s) wherever there is a startup event. Whether it is a fundraiser being supported by our portfolio company Walls360, or a pitch night being held downtown, the RVF is there in whatever capacity we are able or needed.

Evidence of RVF’s enterprising strategy to make the Las Vegas community a tighter one lies in the advent of #VentureFridays, a monthly event held at various locales in the valley which brings together members of the entrepreneurial and startup communities in a relaxed, casual environment to talk with one another and exchange ideas and information. (Side note, this month’s #VentureFriday will be held at the Blue Martini, in Town Square Las Vegas, on October 28!)

At its core RVF is comprised of students- this offer entrepreneurs a chance to pitch and partner with an investor in an environment that is more relaxed than a typical VC firm, while still maintaining the rigor and high standard of expertise expected of seasoned VCs.

The Rebel Venture Fund Network

Tantamount to the success of the RVF thus far has been our ability to call upon the combined experience and expertise of our Boards of Directors and Advisors. Made up of investors, entrepreneurs, engineers, attorneys, professors, and more, the boards that support RVF have proved an invaluable resource. Always eager to support the fund in any way they can, our portfolio companies, by extension, enjoy the benefit of RVF’s vast network of advisors.

Further, partnering with the Rebel Venture Fund means partnering with the leading educational institution in Southern Nevada. Through an association with RVF, entrepreneurs are gaining access to a network of 15 colleges within the University (16 with the advent of the School of Medicine), and its impressively diverse student body. The Rebel Venture Fund will work hard to identify connections that might be useful to our portfolio, and to ensure that we build bridges between entrepreneurs and the students and faculty of our varied programs. Of particular note is UNLV’s William F. Harrah College of Hotel Administration, which through its innovative program and faculty, and top-tier students, is consistently ranked in the top 10 programs in the world for Hospitality and Tourism.

UNLV’s student body as a whole, of more than 28,000 students, can be a valuable resource for any entrepreneur. Ranked 2nd in the United States for diversity by US News, UNLV’s student body, and its 317 registered student organizations, offers an attractive resource for Las Vegas’ entrepreneurial community.

We Would Honored to be Considered as an Investor in your Startup

What have you got to lose? Visit our website at, see what we are all about, submit materials to us, and together let’s put Las Vegas on the map of venture capital, and make it a great place for startups and the entrepreneurial communities.


About the Author:

David Chavez earned a Bachelor of Music from UNLV, and has maintained an active performing career around town, performing live on national television and all over the famed Las Vegas Strip, as well as with the Las Vegas Philharmonic. Now, he is studying full time at the Boyd School of Law in pursuit of a Juris Doctor, with the hope of one day heading a law firm to serve the Las Vegas community's needs.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of RVF or UNLV. Thoughts and opinions are subject to change and this article is intended to provide an opinion of the author at the time of writing this article. All data and information is for informational purposes only.